Većina organizacije donosi ključne odluke bez da ima potpunu vidljivost u sve potrebne informacije koje su potrebne za donošenje najboljih poslovnih odluka. Odjeli financija su preplavljeni sa poslovima administracije, zadacima vezanim uz dobivanje pravih informacija potrebnih kako bi se donijele određene poslovne odluke i pretvaranju tih informacija u određeni format kako bi se zadovoljili zahtjevi regulatora.
Sa našim modelom za upravljanje profitabilnošću, financijski direktori će imati mogućnost predvidjeti jaz u performansama organizacije, moći će analizirati trenutne uvjete i moguće alternative. Na temelju dobivenih informacija biti će sposobni za operativno i financijsko upravljanje organizacijom kao i za podešavanje i optimiziranje postignutih rezultata u
odnosu na planove, ciljeve, resurse i troškove.

Comping će, kombinirajući napredne analitičke alate IBM TM1 i IBM SPSS, pomoći da dobijete kompletan uvid i kontrolu te da transformirate vašu organizaciju iz reaktivnog pristupa u pristup “predvidi i djeluj

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B2B Commerce Solutions

Successful B2B Commerce requires more than copying B2C companies

The explosive growth of B2B commerce is forcing B2B organizations to invest in digital selling. While B2B organizations can learn from B2C in terms of user experience, the increased complexity of B2B selling requires sophisticated workflows, pricing, product configurations, approvals and more, managed in a central platform. B2B buyers??? expectations have been reset by their consumer experiences - traditional and non-traditional competitors see this as an opportunity to steal market share.

B2B commerce is a disruptive technology that is creating new opportunities, to take advantage of those opportunities; you need a single commerce platform that allows you to:

• Deliver a unique brand experience that makes buying effortless
• Empower business users to take control, increase margins, and cut time to market
• Quote, Contract, Transact, Accelerate sales, while minimizing margin erosion risk
• Fulfill the customer promise by managing the order lifecycle from quote to cash
• Create a superior selling and buying experience out of the box

Featured Products

IBM WebSphere Commerce

One platform. All routes to market. In Minutes.

IBM WebSphere Commerce is a cross-channel e-Commerce platform that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales to customers using multiple channels-web, mobile, social, store or call center. It supports better marketing, selling and fulfillment with advanced web and mobile stores, social integration and personalized marketing and merchandising tools.

Empower business users to take control, meet accelerated demands, and cut time to market
• Build online stores for any channel in minutes with no technical skills required
• Create and execute timely campaigns based on market dynamics and strategy
• Personalize the experience with enhanced search, entitlements, specific pricing, and contract terms
• Give control to customers to quickly onboard new buyers, defining roles, entitlements and workflow approvals
• Capture and solve customer challenges with struggle detection analytics

Make complex sales simple
• Expedite the sale of complex products with pre-defined configurations, guided selling, and orchestrated fulfillment

Deliver on the Customer Promise - Exactly what the customer wants, where and when they want it

• Enable customers to order and receive from any channel and achieve committed delivery and fulfillment promise to keep your customers happy and loyal.
• Orchestrate order fulfillment intelligently and efficiently by taking a holistic view of orders and inventory across the entire fulfillment network

IBM Sterling Order Management

Cross-channel order fulfillment platform for today???s dynamic supply networks.
IBM® Sterling Order Management provides a centralized inventory, order promising and fulfillment hub to support flexible fulfillment across channels. It helps enterprises increase fill rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, improve customer loyalty and increase share of wallet. IBM Sterling Order Management enables you to make better decisions about how to promise and fulfill customer orders, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

Sterling Order Management features include:
• A single view of supply and demand across channels to provide improved inventory utilization and more accurate promise dates.
• Coordinated, customized fulfillment processes to support various selling channels and internal or external supplies.
• One source of order information to provide customers with accurate and timely information.
• Integrated order fulfillment processes across store, call center and online channels to provide a seamless customer fulfillment experience

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote

Automate configuration, pricing, and quoting of complex products and services
IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote simplifies challenging selling processes by automating the configuration, pricing and quoting of complex products, services, and bundles. This streamlined sales process guides customers, sales teams, call center representatives and partners in selecting and validating the right products and services.

The features and benefits of Sterling Configure, Price, Quote include:
• Automation of online sales process to help guide your customers through the selection, configuration, quoting and ordering processes.
• Centralization of pricing processes for establishing, changing and communicating pricing for products and services.
• Systemization of quoting workflows for facilitating the creation, management, and negotiation of sales quotes.